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Website Hosting, Support & Maintenance

We care about your website, even after it has gone live on the internet

We offer competitive hosting, support and maintenance services for our developed websites, as well as maintenance and design updates for your existing websites.

Web hosting takes care of physically storing your website (on a web server connected to the internet) and the maintenance of that server, but the website itself will still require a little TLC 'tender loving care.'

Websites don’t just maintain themselves. They have to be constantly updated, tweaked, redesigned) to meet changing standards and customer or business requirements.

More importantly, if your website is not maintained regularly it will become increasingly vulnerable to software incompatibilities, hacks, bugs, security issues, poor or slow performance and penalties from Google. At best, you will start losing traffic to your site (and potential business). At worst, your website will meltdown completely, forcing you to rebuild it from scratch.

It is also likely that you will occasionally or regularly need to make updates or changes to your website’s content (e.g. text, images, links) or its design and layout (e.g. colour palette, menu structure, forms).

You could try to do all of this yourself, but that sounds like a lot of hard work (and can you be sure everything is being carried out ‘correctly’?). That’s where Golden Unicon’s expertise will be a great help to your organisation.

Our services include:

Developing, changing and editing content

Uploading and formatting images, videos and other multimedia

Developing custom web graphics

Integrating online marketing tools, such as e-newsletter sign-up forms and social media

Developing custom functionality (e.g. calculators, forms, calendars, etc)

Page redesign and tweaks

Technical support and fixes

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